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Gold Buyer, buys clients unwanted or damaged Gold Jewellery

We give you Immediate Cash

Visit Gold Buyer, and get immediate Cash should you wish to dispose of your Jewellery.

Thinking of downscaling, Have no need of your Jewellery, inherited Jewellery, Divorcing or simply need some Cash. Look at selling your Jewellery as an option to Gold Buyer.



We assess the value, free of charge

We will assess the value of your Gold Jewellery, Gold & Diamond Jewellery, Designer Jewellery, unwanted or damaged Jewellery, Coins set in Jewellery etc.

We do a No obligation, Free of charge, assessment on your Jewellery. We will make an offer for your Jewellery in a Secure and Safe Environment.


No obligation assessment appointment

Call Us to schedule a Free No Obligation Assessment Appointment. Should you require more information regarding the selling of your Jewellery, Please Contact Us, Message Us, or send Us an email and we will contact You.

We make immediate Payment for Gold Jewellery. We provide a secure environment to evaluate all Jewellery.  We conduct our business in a professional, secure environment where our clients are treated with dignity and respect.